My Story

It's a hobby turned passion kind of story. Being surrounded with crochet since young, Estelle Wong, the founder of TheCatWithYarn started its humble beginnings as a past time hobby at home. Crocheting dolls and bags for friends and family.


From the modest water bottle holder to intricate dolls, countless nights were spent improving and honing her skills to where she is today. Slowly garnering attention and recognition from friends and family, the company was then formed to formally spread its love and persistence of handmade goods to the public.


Following her dream to make a mark in the world one day, TheCatWithYarn aims to be at the forefront of handmade gifts and trinkets. Hoping to share the beauty and complexity of crochet, handmade gifts to the rest of the world.


Showcasing handmade crafts to the world


As an avid Craftswoman, TheCatWithYarn enjoys participating in various booths and events across Singapore and hopefully the world! Do keep a look out in our Events page for more updates and information! Currently we are based in Singapore but we do provide worldwide shipping!


The Artist behind it all


Hello there! Estelle here, a proud crafts-woman and founder of TheCatWithYarn. Hailing from Singapore, where the arts isn't always someone's first choice, my passion and love for Crochet made me walked down this path. I've dabble in crochet ever since I can remember and being self-taught, i take pride and joy in the products I've developed and painstakingly weaved thread by thread.


Hope you all can support me, and love the art of Crochet as much as I do!  

♥ Thank you for the supporting TheCatWithYarn! ♥