Things to do during Lockdown: COVID-19 2021

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It is understandable that lockdown or related restrictions are a bummer and can drive some people mad, however, staying at home doesn't always have to be boring and dull. We at TheCatWithYarn would love to present and recommend some activities some of you might find interesting or even provide you with the needed "zing" to kick start something of your own!

At the very end, we are all in this together, and everyone got to do their part to stay home, stay safe, to ride this out together! Without further ado, here are some of our picks!

Picking up a musical Instrument

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It is a no-brainer that one should keep up-skilling and improve oneself to better foster a healthy mind and body. So why not try out something that is said to calm the nerves and soul?

Music has always been mankind's language that transcends all barriers and language, and with the increased time that one may find at their hands, why not pick up some instruments? Learning a musical instrument may help reduce tension and stress levels due to some research, and with improvements in technology, some instruments are available at increasingly lower price points.

Some insights as to what some entry-grade instruments may cost:

Ukelele: SGD $17.90
Guitar: SGD $69.90
Keyboard: SGD $70
Harmonica: SGD $8
Kalimba: SGD $5
(Sourced from Shopee/Lazada/Google Market)

And with the abundance of tutorials available on Youtube, you are spoiled with choices, so why not pick one up today?


Picking up some handicrafts or new hobbies

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Staying at home does mean that for those that are staying together to pick up new tricks and activities to keep each other entertained or tickle the heart. Say goodbye to posh candlelight dinners or star-gazing mask free under the night sky, it is but a dream now and there is still years before we can fully get rid of COVID once and for all. 

Hence, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves that we felt might be the thing for you guys

There are the standard activities 

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Shrink Art
  • Clay sculpting

We would like to recommend an activity that boasts both a great learning process and produces a romantic and lovable gift at the end. That would be Cross-stitching. Don't be alarmed as some may find this to have a steep learning curve but we do have a place that offers beginner-friendly sets that include all required materials and instructions for you to start something new and creative today!

Click here to view all-in-one Kits!

Indulge in Online Shopping

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Shopping is a true blue stress-releaser that almost everyone can relate to. With the ongoing wave of #stayhome regulations and restrictions, while heading out, online shopping is your one true friend that you can always count on.

With the rise of Shopee, Amazon, and Lazada, one can always find the exact items you are looking for. But, look around the corner and you might find hidden gems scattering throughout. #supportLocal has been a rising trend and do give it a quick peek whenever you look at online shopping your next session.

For starters, one of Singapore Crochet pioneers, handcrafted gifts and trinkets can be found over here!


Diving into Games

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With the time gained by not wasting it on commuting, you may find you have a little more time to pursue what's entertaining. And with the rise of indie games and massive discounts on your neighborhood-friendly steam and epic store, fret not, you are pretty much covered!

Can't meet up physically with your mates? Do it virtually then! Time to connect and maybe you might even meet some new friends too! 

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