Top 5 Handicraft Idea 2021 on the perfect gift for your significant other!

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Gifting has always been and will continue to be part of a relationship, and it has always been quite a headache to find the perfect something for your significant other when such an occasion arises. Despite the ever-changing times of hype and style, the gift itself changes rapidly between season and many times. It may also be a little daunting for those that lack the financial capability to continuously manage these expectations moving forward. 

However, there has always been a category of items that both showcases your love and affection towards your significant one. The perfect gift is one that is made specially and specifically for him or her. Utilising one's love and time to creating something memorable for both the gifter and gifted. 

To help you love birds out there, there are a few ideas on what Gifts you may wish to dabble on this coming Season. Be it Christmas, Valentine's, Wedding, or Anniversaries, this is the 2021 collection of Top 5 Best Handicraft Gift Ideas for your significant other!


1) Cross-stitch Kits


Cross-stitch kits go way back but till today, it remains as one of the most doted gifts to present to your significant other today. It takes a huge amount of time and patience to create and weave one Cross-Stitch out and there is no better way to showcase your love for someone.

Whether you are a beginner or expert on cross-stitching, do check out these all-inclusive CrossStitch kits here!


2) Personalised Dolls or Collectables 


However, the world has coined it, Plushies, Huggables, or Soft toys. Dolls are something that always has a spot in anyone's heart. A bold claim but history may have just shown us how precious these items may be. And to bring it up a notch, personalisation may just be the cherry on top. 

Customization? Email TheCatWithYarn for queries or why not visit here to see if any of these fits your needs?


3) Memorabilia Piece of Accessory

Chocolate Collection_Perfect Gift_TheCatWithYarn

When it comes to picking that piece of gift that signifies a memorable part of each other, an accessory usually takes the cake. "Remember the time we rode in a duck-shaped vehicle?" or "What about that time where we baked macarons?". Accessories may aid that if it comes in a shape that triggers that sweet memory you two may share.

There are many guides on how to create these Charms or Brooches. If you are feeling it, you may visit here to purchase handcraft gifts that may suit your need too!


4) Personalized Book

Personalized Gift Book That Says Why You Love Someone | LoveBook Online

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For the bookworm or studious bunch ones out there, a book may be up your alley. Be it a Calendar book, Sketchbook, or a simple notebook, whip out that Photoshop skill of yours and do up one for your beloved other today!

There are many guides on the internet, go wild and have fun making one!


5) Handmade Bags or Pouches


Realistic and practical gifts may not be exactly aligned with what one may associate with Handcrafted goods. Hence, we would love to share that Bags and Pouches serve as one option that opposes this very thinking. Why not pick up crocheting or knitting today and weave your love into every thread, into a timeless piece that your significant other will bound to bring everywhere. 


TheCatWithYarn offers handcrafted crochet bags and pouches and you may want to take a peek to see what suits your needs! Or if you are looking for a little more "customization", drop us a mail or message, and we can see where we can take your love to the next level! 


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